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Easter Updates!

We hope you have had a joyful and restful Easter break. Here are some of the latest platform updates, new features and further support.

Platform Updates

We continue to update the platform to provide new features and content. Our latest app update was inline with a recent Apple update. Please ensure your iPad is updated to the latest iOS 17.4.1

The app is on version 9.1.0 and this needs to be used for maximum benefit. You can find out your version by selecting My Account in the left hand menu and scrolling to the bottom.

The web is on version 3.17.2. This should update automatically when logging in through our website. You will see the version you are using in the bottom left hand corner of the log in page.

APP Version 9.1.0

App version 9.1.0 is the current up to date version. As well as updating due to external Apple changes we have also added some additional features.

What is new for 9.1.0:

Reporting & Analysis – we have added a new tab in this section – Curriculum. In this section you can now easily see all completed assessments (autumn 1 show by default).

You can filter by terms and subject areas and once selected you can further analyse pupil progress by selecting the pupils.

Resource Library – an updated layout making it easier to navigate, as well as updated documents and videos. This area will be continued to be populated with new resources and support. If there are any documents you would like to use specifically that aren’t available please get in touch and let us know.

Subject Leader Toolbox – an area to keep track of any additional clubs and crews you might have in school. We will also be populating this area with CPD resources and opportunities in the coming months.

Web Version 3.17.2

We continue to update and roll out new features across the platform. A reminder of what has been added recently on the WEB.

Pupil Timeline – under reporting you can now access reports on individual pupils. This section will show the assessments and all tagged evidence throughout the year.

Dance Videos – as part of our continued content updates we have added new dance videos to the resource library. These will be added into the lessons in due course along with additional video updates across the platform.

Tagging System – as per our last update, we have now added in searchable tags for assessment and pupil timelines. By selecting the Bronze, Silver or Gold button within the reporting this will filter all pupils either achieving this or who have been ‘Tagged’.

Healthy Happy section – we are committed to developing the platform with additional content and features. Under this section you can access some additional educational content such as Moving Maths and Lively Literacy plans. Additionally we have added in a new MEASURES section. In here you can now track and monitor movement across school. Whether that be 60 ACTIVE minutes, walking steps, swimming time or any additional activities you can now do this within the easily accessible tracker. This is the first phase of the development and any feedback is greatly received.

WhatsApp Broadcast Channel – Sign up and WIN!!!

In order to increase our lines of communication with our schools and teachers we have set up a WhatsAPP Broadcast channel.

In this we will publish news, updates and general information.

This is a broadcast only channel. You won’t be able to communicate with us at the PE Passport through this nor will we be contacting you directly this way either.

It will just be for relevant announcements and news and is in addition to our newsletters and emails.

Follow the PE Passport Subscribers channel on WhatsApp:


For all teachers signing up before the end of this term, you will be entered into our prize draw to win the ABall 1 Resource Set below.

Virtual Support

If you would like to book a virtual support session free of charge, we are always available to provide technical and practical support with the PE Passport.

To book a personal a session for yourself as PE Lead / SLT or for your staff as a whole please use the link below to access our team’s calendar and book yourself a convenient slot.

Newsletter Sign Up

If you have any colleagues you would like to receive our newsletters please use the sign up section below to add them to our mailing list.

As always if you have any urgent questions or require support please call us on 0800 002 5193 or email support@primarypepassport.co.uk