Is your PE curriculum ambitious?

What does this mean? What effect does it have on the teaching and learning in school.

An ambitious PE curriculum should be;

  • Compelling
  • Needs-driven
  • Well structured
  • Owned and utilised by all
  • And within context for your school

What does that mean specifically? 


An ambitious PE curriculum captivates and motivates students through engaging, enjoyable, and varied activities. It uses innovative teaching methods and diverse sports and physical activities to maintain interest and enthusiasm, ensuring that students are eager to participate and learn.

Needs Driven

The curriculum is designed based on the physical, mental, and social needs of students. It prioritises personal development, health, and well-being, ensuring that every student, regardless of their starting point, can improve their fitness, skills, and knowledge. Personalised goals and assessments help address individual needs and encourage continuous improvement.

Well Structured

The curriculum is meticulously planned with a clear progression of skills and knowledge from foundational to advanced levels. It includes a balanced mix of activities, structured lesson plans, and comprehensive assessments. This structure ensures that students build on previous learning and develop in a cohesive and systematic way.

Owned by Everybody

The curriculum is inclusive and collaborative, involving students, teachers, parents, and the wider community. Everyone has a role in its success, with opportunities for feedback and input from all stakeholders. This shared ownership fosters a supportive environment and a collective commitment to promoting physical education.

Context is the Key

The curriculum is tailored to the unique context of the school and its community. It considers local resources, cultural diversity, and the specific interests and abilities of the student body. By being contextually relevant, the curriculum ensures that physical education is accessible, meaningful, and impactful for all students.

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