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PE Scheme of Work

Our scheme of work contains over 200 units allowing you to create a broad and balanced curriculum. From Nursery to Year 6, the units cover all the aims of the PE National curriculum.

Our platform enables teachers to create a long term plan, and access a medium term overview where the skills and knowledge of each lesson are displayed. Within each lesson you will also find lesson objectives, lesson resources (such as equipment lists), an introduction, followed by a warm up, main skill and game based learning sections. Each lesson will also display relevant progressions and a conclusion.

As the lessons have all been written and created by Primary trained teachers with PE specialism, you will also find included colour coded Teaching Points and Key Questions to assist in the delivery of the lesson objectives as well as supporting diagrams to assist in the lesson layout and instructional videos to display the skill and / or lesson in action.

Additionally you are provided with an assessment for learning and teacher notes section allowing you to personalise and keep track of progress plus a whole unit progression document.

All the lessons are also editable to allow for personalisation and amendments for your school requirements.

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