The Secondary PE Passport

The PE Passport is your go to tool for curriculum and lesson planning, assessment and monitoring of your whole physical education and school sport offer! You will be able to personalise to fit your staffing, facility, and pathway requirements to either drag and drop or build your curriculum to meet the needs of your students. Created by PE teachers for PE teachers.

The PE passport seamlessly aligns curriculum, pedagogy and assessment in one place. It is your one stop shop for everything from building a broad and balanced curriculum with the flexibility to adapt to suit the needs of different groups to monitoring and rewarding student engagement at extra curricular clubs or representing school.

The future of planning and delivering world class PE

Building on the success of our Primary PE Passport that has been helping primary colleagues to plan and delivery High Quality PE since 2014 this new addition to the family has been specifically built to cater for the varied needs and complexities faced within secondary PE. It has three main strands:

Our user-friendly interface enables Heads of PE to quickly and easily build your curriculum map and timetable on our web based platform by tailoring the template that best matches your offer (e.g. a 5 period day with 2 lessons a week and rotation of units of work each half term). You will be supported to input facilities, staff available and cohort names before utilising a drag and drop scheme of work builder with the choices of:

  1. A traditional sport driven approach
  2. A concept curriculum
  3. Your own bespoke framework 

Once class lists have been imported (e.g. from SIMS), you will be able to allocate and move students between classes and ensure staff have access to the most recent data about their students and easily add planning/ assessment details via either the web based platform or the mobile app.

We all know how complex the PE and sport qualification landscape is so we have built a simple yet flexible tool that enables you to capture, track and monitor a number of GCSE, A level and vocational pathways to include a cutting edge video storage library that will make preparing for practical assessments, finalising marks and even sharing with your external moderators an absolute breeze.

Our unique tool for tracking, monitoring and rewarding students for their commitment and engagement in extra-curricular clubs and/ or representing school will not only motivate students by encouraging them to collect rings and badges but also simplify your ability to report on this year-on-year to analyse the impact of your broader offer.

Access anywhere, any time

The platform is accessible via your desktop browser, making it easier than ever to plan, edit and view your PE curriculum. 

A dedicated iPadOS app means on-the-go access wherever you are with your curriculum data seamlessly synced across all devices. 

As a PE Co-ordinator or Senior Leader, you can gain a complete insight into Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity across school with our Reports & Analysis section. View progress across school and classes, or track individual pupil progress with additional filters for gender, pupil premium and SEN.

Secondary PE Passport Features

Core PE:

Curriculum Builder

Clearly sequence, organise and design a meaningful curriculum offering.

Resource Library

Access existing learning schemes, units of work, lesson plans and resources or build your own unique material.


Built in formative and summative assessment including student voice tools.

Extra Curricular

Advertise, register, reward and monitor extra curricular engagement, with badges to motivate students.

Events & Competitions

Schedule and share events and competitions with staff, parents and students.


Track and monitor practical performance.

Examination PE:

Practical Evidence

Record and securely store practical video evidence.

Moderation E-Portfolio

Effectively compile moderation videos – saving you hours of time.

Tracking & Reporting

Track and monitor practical performance.


We offer three flexible packages, Core PE, Examination PE or the Complete package (Core PE and Examination PE combined)

Core PE

£ 499
  • Whole PE department access
  • Subject Leader Toolbox
  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis of data
  • Curriculum builder
  • Scheme of work, lesson plan & resources library
  • Formative and summative assessment trackers
  • Pupil voice and self assessment tools
  • Extra curricular registers, recording and rewards
  • Competition and events calendar
  • Personal challenges and activity tracker

Examination PE

£ 499
  • Practical evidence gathering
  • GCSE moderation e-portfolio creation
  • Annotate practical videos against specification criteria
  • Progress tracking and reporting


£ 749
  • Access to the complete Secondary PE solution
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