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Giving schools the tools they need to help pupils thrive

The Children’s Health Project CIC offers schools an evidence-informed, holistic approach to wellbeing education whilst also supporting staff and the families of pupils. The wellbeing approaches are protective of mental and physical health, and meet the essential wellbeing education needs of schools. All work is guided by a holistic ‘4 Pillars of Wellbeing’, which is used to communicate physical and mental wellbeing.

The Children's Health Project Academy

If you are a school that is ambitious to offer your pupils a more complete approach to physical health and mental wellbeing, both through your curriculum, but also with enrichment and extra-curricular practices, the CHP Academy will meet your needs.

Ways to use the CHP Academy in your school:
  • Communicate Health and Wellbeing
  • Subject Leaders for PE, PSHE, DT and Science work together to create a Health and Wellbeing Focus Team
  • Prepare for Ofsted
  • Upskill Subject Leaders with knowledge and understanding about nutrition, mindset, lifestyle and movement
  • Plan and deliver assemblies about mental and physical health.
Schools are supported in the online CHP Academy with:
Courses | Lesson plans | Resources | Wellbeing clinics for families | Staff rest & relaxation sessions

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