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iActive Kids are passionate about engaging and encouraging children to be more physically active. Each child is provided with a fitness band and each school a hub point where all the step data is collated. Schools are able to easily view the data to identify and reward the pupils improvements and achievements on an individual and team basis.

Recently successfully trialled in the North West and North East of England, working with schools to motivate and empower young people to take an interest in their own health and wellbeing. The results gleaned for the trials have shown significant increases in the number of steps taken and have enabled school leaders in conjunction with their staff and parents to put in place support for those least active.

How can iActive Kids help?

The product consists of a wrist band fitness tracker per child, which connects using Bluetooth to the iOS technology within the App and stores up to 14 days of data. It charges via any USB port and measures steps, heart rate, distance, active calories burnt. Furthermore it has a built in stop watch, timer and settings for different physical activities such as walking, running and cycling.

The data transfer is efficient and can take place as long as the pupil and technology are in situ. For the data collector the transfer is simple and efficient meaning that data is automatically recorded and used to provide immediate results e.g. average daily number of steps. There is no manual data entry process.

The bands conform to British Safety standards and have CE certification. They have been tested against leading brand fitness trackers and have proved reliable and durable. The wristbands are child friendly with soft rubber straps which disconnect at both ends. They are easy to use, water resistant and durable.