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Cross curricular learning through Physical Education and Activity

The PE Passport is delighted to introduce you to Moving Maths and Lively Literacy – 80 fun active learning opportunities designed to engage learners in securing those vital literacy and numeracy concepts across the primary school whilst being physically active.

Why buy Moving Maths and Lively Literacy?

  • Perfect for warm ups/ starters/brain breaks/ reinforcing key concepts.
  • Ideal for intervention groups.
  • Easily adapted activities.
  • Ideas piloted in schools across North West of England
  • Written by primary school teacher and physical educational consultant – Steve Busby (B Ed hons and NPQH).

Training available as staff meeting, twilight or inset day.

PE Passport is delighted to provide the resources free to customers within the app! Alternatively, £59.95 for both.

Don’t just take our word for it! Listen to what these teachers have had to say:

"Using the active literacy and numeracy activities has enhanced our delivery of the English and maths curriculum. Children are engaged, focused and make great progress in the short bursts of activities. As well as supporting our English and maths teaching it also enables us to ensure children are active within the school day which helps us to challenge the growing inactivity and physical wellbeing of the children. It allows children who may struggle within the classroom setting to engage with the core subjects and show their capability and to understand that they can achieve!"

"My pupils had a great time using the active learning lesson plans. The activities are simple to use and effective in getting the pupils active. They had lots of opportunity to develop teamwork and communication skills as well as learning the fundamental movement skills. My students found the activities fun and engaging and there was certainly a buzz around the room when doing the lessons, they had smiles on their faces and enjoyed learning in an active way, with many commenting that they wished they could learn this way all the time."

"The whole-school CPD that Steve did was fantastic. He gave us tonnes of practical ideas to use in English lessons to make sessions engaging and active for all of our learners. Staff went out of their way to comment on how useful the session was and how much they enjoyed it as it was hands-on and active for the entire 2 hour session."