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Active learning approaches for teaching Maths, English & more

Tagtiv8’s Physical and Thinking Challenges provide opportunities for children to have fun and enjoy learning in an active way. Research by Leeds Beckett University demonstrates that Physically Active Learning (PAL) approaches tackle inactivity levels, resulting in a positive impact on academic performance. Sessions are adaptable for all children, from EYFS to elementary, and engage even the most reluctant of learners. Teachers trust the TagTiv8 pedagogy and children love our active learning games, with over 80,000 children participating across the UK and in other countries too.

Tagtiv8 Number

Tagtiv8 Number is an innovative approach to delivering Mathematics – using Physically Active Learning (PAL) and developing confidence in the subject.

Tagtiv8 Number focuses on:

  1. fluency
  2. reasoning
  3. problem solving

Tagtiv8 games have direct links to the Mathematics National Curriculum. You can activate any Mathematical objective from your school’s scheme of work. Tagtiv8 games are incredibly versatile – suitable for all ages, for whole classes and intervention groups.

Tagtiv8 Word

Tagtiv8’s colourful tags and activities provide opportunities for the active generation of words. These can then be used as the basis or stimulus for writing in a range of situations and different text types:

  • recounts (e.g. letters, diaries, email, postcards etc)
  • non-chronological reports
  • procedures and instructions
  • narrative (e.g. fairy tales, fables, adventure stories, play scripts etc)
  • poetry
  • explanations
  • persuasion

Physically Active Learning (PAL) approaches create opportunities for learners to develop an understanding of phonics, spelling and more.

CPD & Training

Tagtiv8 also offer training, CPD & support. Helping school leaders, teachers and other adults to:

  • understand more about the landscape of health and education
  • realise how easy it is to create PAL sessions that develop knowledge and skills in Mathematics, English and other subjects
  • know more about engaging all children in their learning

Sessions are prepared and delivered by qualified Tagtiv8 teachers, based on the needs of your staff and learners.

Tagtiv8 training is designed to fit in with your School Improvement Plan:

  • After School CPD Sessions
  • Half Day
  • Full Day Sessions

Additionally, longer term solutions are also offered – working with key staff over the course of a term, a year or longer. Thus, ‘Move & Learn’ approaches are truly embedded within the school community.

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