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Secondary PE Passport


Within the PE Passport platform all teachers and the subject leader have access to our complete assessment tool. A simple click of a button will allow you assess the child both formatively and summatively as well as giving the pupils access to a child friendly self assessment section.

Assess pupils on the 3 key areas of development

Self Assessment Tool

The self assessment tool is a child friendly portal that allows for pupil voice feedback via a set of standardised questions and the ability to record and track your own school specific information.

All areas of the assessment section are easily accessible across devices and for the PE lead to monitor.

Summative Assessment

Similarly a simple summative assessment system is provided with all lessons and this can used as a standalone assessment tool or in conjunction with the formal section. Using the ranking system, teachers can record their best judgement on the activities the pupils are performing within the lessons. Continual access with the unit allows for a consistent approach to provide updates and show progression.

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